The definitive aim of catechesis is to put people not only in touch but in communion, in intimacy, with Jesus Christ: only He can lead us to the love of the Father in the Spirit and make us share in the life of the Holy Trinity.”
Pope John Paul II - Catechesi Tradendae

Historical Sketch
The story of Pastoral Planning in the Archdiocese of San Fernando, Pampanga started officially on December 11, 1948. The whole province of Pampanga, the whole of Bataan, part of Zambales, part of Tarlac and part of Nueva Ecija were then declared part of just one diocese independent now from its mother Archdiocese of Manila by the Holy See. The Ilocano speaking portions of Tarlac and Zambales, and the Tagalog portion of Nueva Ecija were not included in the new created diocese. Archbishop Michael O’Douherty was then Archbishop of Manila. 1998 therefore is the golden anniversary of the founding of the then Diocese of San Fernando, Pampanga – now an Archdiocese.

Living out the three-fold ministry of Jesus as prophet, king and priest, the Archdiocese created the Ministries on Formation, Service and Liturgy. This is to ensure a holistic practice of faith in daily life. The Ministry on Formations has (5) Commissions namely, Commission on Catechesis, Commission on Family and Life, Commission on Bible apostolate, Commission on Youth Ministry and the Association of Archdiocesan Schools of Pampanga  whose mandate is to carry out the vision to bring the Good News to all peoples and become witnessing disciples of Jesus.  

Currently, the Archbishop is Most Rev. Paciano B. Aniceto, D.D. with two Auxilliary bishops in the person of the Most Rev. Roberto C. Mallari and Most Rev. Pablo S. David.  Chairman of the Ministry on Formation is Very Rev. Msgr Cenovio M. Lumanog and Chairman of the Commission on Catechesis is Rev. Fr. Joseph Mary D. Bacay. 


The Commission on Catechesis envisions to establish a community of disciples whoare not only in touch but are in communion, in intimacy, with Jesus Christ. Empowered by the spirit of Jesus, the disciples become active witnesses of the love of Jesus towards a matured faith and a transformed society.


The Commission is committed to work for an integral evangelization towards a mature faith through an integrated, inculturated, and community-building catechesis deeply rooted in the Word of God and in the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.


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The Commission aims to:

1.   Provide catechetical programs and other services both in the Parishes and Schools that lead to a better understanding of the faith and improving the quality of pastoral life of the Archdiocese. 
2. Train catechists to become competent in teaching the faith both in its content and its practice in daily life through witnessing, thereby, serve as role models of God’s salvific love.

  1. Establish linkages with other Archdiocesan Commissions as well as Government and Non-government Agencies for collaboration and partnership in the task of integral human development and value formation.

Programs and Services

  1. Program on Parish Catechists
  2. Program on Student-Catechists
  3. Program on Sacraments of Initiation 
  4. Program on Retreats and Recollections 
  5. Program on Mass Media

Program on Parish Catechists

The Commission promotes faith relationship with Christ. It conducts catechism classes, recollections and retreats, seminars and workshops. To carry out these services, the Commission links with other institutions/organizations in order to provide training and formation programs for catechists, so as to make them equipped in competency and enriched in spirituality for the task of evangelization.


  The Commission aims to:  
1.     Strengthen religious instruction in the different Public Elementary and High Schools in Pampanga.
2.     Give a comprehensive and systematic catechetical formation to parish-based catechists.
3.    Cultivate and strengthen the spirituality of catechists.

1.   All catechists must be good and exemplary Catholics and active members of their Parish.
2.   By making the catechist a true minister of God, he/she is required to have received the Sacraments of Christian Initiation (Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist) and the Sacrament of Matrimony, if applicable.
3.   Election of officers shall be held every three years. The term of office of all officers elected/appointed shall be determined by their effectiveness, efficiency and service to the common good of the commission.
4.  A Head Catechist shall be elected/assigned to each parish. He/she should attend the Regular Vicariate Monthly Meeting.
5. All  catechists are required to attend a Seminar/Updating/Planning held  every summer before the  school year opens in all vicariates.

Program on Student-Catechists


The Commission is responsible in providing for catechetical programs in the schools served by the Archdiocese. This program includes both the training of the students-catechists and the implementation of catechetical instruction for both public and private schools. The formation of student-catechists not only equips the students with content and methodology but also nourishes their spirituality as catechists so that their activities spring in truth from their own witness of life.


The Commission aims to:
1.  Train student-catechists and keep them abreast with recent development in catechetical content and methodology
2.  Help student-catechists acquire and enrich their knowledge and skills on the fundamentals of Christian faith and to be effective evangelizers and witnesses of the Gospel 
3. Prepare student-catechists for the work in the parish and public schools and help them develop their love for mission
4. Promote closer collaboration and partnership between parishes and Catholic private schools.



The selection process of student-catechists will be handled by the school authorities.  These students will come from the High School and, if applicable College Departments. 

The process shall consider the following:
A.  Academic competence 
B.  Good moral conduct 
C.  His / her life as a good, witnessing catholic 
D.  Willingness to serve 
E.   Completion of basic trainings


The Vicariate Director together with the Campus Ministry Coordinator shall have an audience with the Parish Priest for the approval of the apostolate. He shall be notified and consulted first before any coordination to the public schools can be made. He can suggest and recommend things for the improvement of the program.


Once approved, the Vicariate Director and the Campus Ministry Coordinator will coordinate the apostolate/program with the public school authorities. Details of the program, i.e. schedules, assignments, and the like will be discussed thoroughly for a possible arrangement agreeable to both parties.


The Parish Priest and the parish-catechists shall provide full support and assistance
 ( sacraments and other concerns) for the student-catechists in their apostolate.
The Vicariate Director shall oversee them from time to time. He must see to it that the program is going on smoothly. Any problem that needs to be addressed, he shall assist. He will regularly report the status of the program to the Archdiocesan Chairman.

The Archdiocesan Commission on Catechesis will provide for the modules of the program. The staff will help in the orientation and formation of the student-catechists during their trainings.
The expenses for the apostolate (handout materials, transportation, snacks and    the like) shall be shouldered primarily by the school of the student-catechists. However, the parish and its parishioners are also encouraged to help out in any way they can.

Special Awards
At the end of the school year, the student-catechists will be given recognition from the Archdiocesan Commission on Catechesis. The most outstanding among them will also be given special awards ( i.e. scholarships for religious education) and citation.

Criteria for the Most Outstanding Student-Catechist

  1. A good knowledge of  Church doctrines/teachings and Scriptures
  2. Perfect Attendance and Punctuality
  3. Regular  Church-goer
  4. A good example to others
  5. With good moral characte

Parish Involvement

The student-catechists, if willing, can become parish-catechists and can extend their apostolate during summer. It’s best that they pursue it and be involved in the parish.

Program on Sacraments of Initiation


The Commission promotes a unified policy on First Communion and Sacrament of Confirmation.


 The Commission aims to:

  1. Help the recipient better understand and appreciate the meaning of the sacraments and their value in their lives.
  2. Assist the recipient to have the proper disposition in receiving meaningfully the sacraments.
  3. Help the recipient attain deeper witnessing through an intense sacramental experience.


  1. The candidates for confirmation and first communion will come from Grade III level or 8 years old and above.
  2.  Certificates will be given to the recipients after the reception of the sacraments duly signed by the Parish Priest and/or by the Vicariate Director.


  1.  For  Confirmation
  2. Baptism
  3. Catechesis (for catholic and public schools)
  4. 3 Saturdays  (2 Saturdays for the candidate, 1 Saturday for parents and godparents)       
  1.  For \First Communion
  2.  Baptism
  3. Confirmation
  4. Confession
  5. Catechesis (for catholic and public schools)
  6. 3 Saturdays  (2  Saturdays for the First communicants and 1 Saturday for parents and godparents)

Program on Retreats and Recollections


The Commission conducts retreats and recollections to Graduating Grade VI pupils, Fourth Year High Schools students, Teachers, Parents, and Government Employees.

The Commission aims to:

  1. Nurture the spiritual life of the participants.
  2. Intensify their faith – life and witnessing of the Gospel.
  3. Make them partners for evangelization work.


  1. The Commission arranges details / logistics (schedules, speakers, venues, permits and the like) of the retreats and recollections.
  2. It will offer topics and inputs suitable for the spiritual development of the participants.


Program on Mass Media


The Commission is committed to spread the Good News of God’s love to all peoples. Preaching the Gospel using modern technology in Mass Communication is an effective and potent means for evangelization in the modern world.


The Commission aims to:

  1. Offer new ways of bringing the message of the Gospel to people by means of print and audio visual media.
  2. Cultivate and develop media talents and skills of the youth for evangelization work.


  1. The Commission makes available a library of instructional materials both print and audio visual especially for catechists and those who want to do research and study.
  2. Publication of a Newsletter will be available every other month.
  3. In cooperation with the Archdiocesan Mass Media Apostolate, a television series for kids called “Katekids” is being planned

Teaching Materials:

    1. Sacred Scripture or Holy Bible
    2. New National Catechetical Directory for the Philippines, CBCP-ECCCE 2007
    3. Congregation for the Clergy, “General Directory for Catechesis, “ 1997
    4. National Catechetical Directory of the Philippines, “Maturing in Christian Faith”
    5. CBCP/ECCCE, “Catechism of the Catholic Church” 1994
    6. CBCP/ECCCE, “Catechism for Filipino Catholics” 1997
    7. Catechetical Kit by National Center for Catechesis
    8. Catellette by Catechists  Foundation of the Philippines
    9. CBCP/ECCCE, “Katekismo para sa mga Pilipinong Katoliko,” 2000

i.    Grade 1 to Vi Modules of Western and Central Luzon

Facilities and Equipments

  1. Seminar / Training Room (Rooms 202, 204, 206 Second Floor)

      Seating Capacity-70

  1. Multi-Purpose Hall (Ground Floor)  Seating Capacity - 200
  2. Computer Room  (Room 201)
  3. Office  (Room 200)
  4. Digital  Copier Machine
  5. LCD (Powerpoint and film-showing

Office Address:
Archdiocesan Catechetical Ministry Office
Room 200, 2nd Floor, ASF Bldg.
Del Pilar, City of San Fernando 2000
Office Telephone no. 963-9759
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Rev. Fr. Joseph Mary D. Bacay
Archdiocesan Director
Commission on Catechesis


Very Rev. Msgr. Cenovio M. Lumanog
Ministry on Formation