May 11, 2014

K-Eco solar panels installed in Ventura, California

Last week in Ventura, California, 25 K-Eco mini panels were installed on stop signs throughout the downtown area. The purpose – to provide power for blinking lights to illuminate at night, enhancing visibility, and promoting driver safety. The city intends to purchase dozens more after testing the first installation for the rest of the year.

KinetEco wins alternative energy award for new solar panel

On June 9th, in Los Angeles, we were presented the Greenling Energy Award for innovative contributions to the field of alternative energy for our K-Eco solar panels. Our panels are available in 6-watt (12 volt), and 200, 250, and 350-watt versions. Thank you to our engineering team for continuing to innovate and build the best …

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Wind turbine farm in Bakersfield is launched

Our wind turbine farm, in association with the UCLA alternative energy program, started operation on May 23rd in a 20-acre plot of land in Bakersfield. The property was donated by Oliver Wentworth, UCLA alumnus, and successful California agribusiness leader. The experimental farm will be tested on the Blue Sky housing development, to model energy reduction …

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KinetEco is all about making people’s lives better and richer, while working hard to leave the smallest footprint on the planet. We love technology as much as the rest o f the world, and we want it to be accessible to everyone. We believe that by powering our world with alternative energy, including solar and …

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