Chairperson: Rev. Fr. Enrique M. Luzung


Committee of On-Going Formation for Priests


VISION: A priest deeply committed to Christ and to his vocation by honestly living the cultic, teachings and serving roles of Christ among the People of God.

GENERAL OBJECTIVE: To help develop the personal sanctification and pastoral leadership in every priest.

SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE: (An integrated five-year long-ranged program)

First Year Thrust: Program of self-discovery as a human person and as a Christian believer.

Second Year Thrust: Program of awareness and deepening of our priestly commitment.

Third Year Thrust: Program of Formation on our:

  1. cultic life (Christ as Priest)
  2. teaching life (Christ as Prophet)
  3. serving life (Christ as King)

Fourth Year Thrust: Program fo fostering the spirit of teamwork and cooperation among priests.

Fifth Year Thrust: Program of evaluation.


A. Regular vicarial meetings (mandatory)

B. Monthly recollections (mandatory)

C. Annual retreats (mandatory)

D. Yearly live - in renewal seminars (mandatory)

E. Renewal Conferences (optional)