VISION: Preventive and remedial action with reference to possible misunderstanding or dispute among God's People for the healing of the spirit, the continuity of service and the preservation of ecclesial unity.

OBJECTIVES: The Conciliation and Arbitration of the Archdiocese of San Fernando, Pampanga, is an Archdiocesan Administrative entity duly delegated by the competent Ecclesial Authority to institute due process of Conciliation and Arbitration, with the pre-eminent pastoral intent and purpose to resolve controversies through conciliation or arbitration in lieu of strictly judicial resolution in answer to formal litigations.

The Process of Conciliation means that the contending parties are led to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement, settlement or compromise through intervening assistance of a disinterested third party, vis, the Board, principlly by creating the opportunity of mediation, consultation and dialogue between or among the person in controversy.

The Process of Arbitration means that the in the failure of conciliatory endeavors, the parties in controversy voluntarily agree to refer their dispute to an impartial third party, third persons, vis., standing or ad hoc members of the Board, and to abide by the decision reached on the basis of evidence and argument, finding in fact and conclusions of reason guided by Faith and Morals.

The Board of Conciliation and Arbitration shall invoked to intervened or may be solicited to minister so as to:

1. Reconcile disputes or arbitrate disputes between members of the Diocesan Clergy, between members of Religious Institutes and between a Diocesan Cleric and Religious, on purely ecclesiastical or mixed forum issues, in the Archdiocese

2. Reconcile disputes or arbitrate disputes between members of the Diocesan Clergy and Laity, and between members of a Religious Institute and the Laity, on purely ecclesiastical or mixed forum issues in the Archdiocese.

3. Reconcile disputes or arbitrate disputes between or among Laymen and Laywomen in the Archdiocese